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About arm lifts

The best candidates for having a successful arm lift surgery are people who have very loose and sagging skin under the arm, which usually results from extreme weight loss. However, if the arms are bigger and a person want to firm them up, the might want to consult a doctor regarding liposuction.

Liposuction may be a much more effective treatment for loose, sagging skin in such a case.

In any case, the doctor will be sure to advise the person as to what type of surgery is best for their condition and for the results they wish to achieve. Procedure of the arm lift surgery

The arm lift surgery is performed on an out-patient basis usually and a general anesthesia is used, so the person will be completely comfortable during the procedure.

The procedure involves incisions being made on the underside of the arms, which will extend from the armpit all the way down to the elbow.

The surgeon will then remove some of the excess skin from the arm and reposition the skin on the underside of the arm, which will make it tighter and eliminate most of the sagging that was present before the surgery.

The incisions that were made will then by stitched up and the arms will be bandaged in order to heal properly without being infected.


As soon as the surgery is over, there will probably be some mild discomfort. This can be taken care of with medications that will be prescribed by the doctor.

There will also be some swelling in the areas in which the surgery was performed, however, this will go away completely within several weeks.

Within a week, the bandages will be removed and the person will be able to return to doing normal activities, but they must remain very careful and not perform any strenuous activities, such as lifting very heavy things.

Patients will be able to resume exercise activities after a couple weeks.

There will be noticeable scars on the underarm, but they will fade over time as well.

Risks and complications

There are risks and complications with any kind of surgery, and arm lift surgeries included.

There are always risks of developing an infection in the area in which the incisions were made and there is also the risk of a negative reaction to the anesthesia.

However, these types of problems can be treated with medications that are prescribed by the doctor in such instances.

Of course, even before the procedure starts, the doctor will discuss all of the risks and possible complications in depth with the patient.

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