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As the market for men that care for their personal appearance became a multimillion one then it is obvious that men do care for good looks. Plastic surgery rises in popularity escalating as meaning to men's conservation of looking young and in good shape. They are obviously changing their viewpoint towards pills, diet, workout, products for care of face skin or even plastic surgery.

Men often use eyelid surgery, hair transplantation, reduction of breasts, liposuction and nose reshaping.
American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery makes data of all practice they carry out and here is some of that. 14% of Botox injections, 15% of all liposuction and eyelid surgeries, 20% of laser hair removal and 24% of nose jobs. There is 32% growing of cosmetic surgery and similar procedures in US.

Construction of artificial body parts are like 6 pack abs or bulging muscles and buttocks improvement are more and more accepted. Approach like this is usual in modern time because it is easier and quicker to take these steps than to make effort and to do that in a healthy way. This also has bad side which is the hazard and the price of such procedures.
Prices are different for different kinds of cosmetic procedures one is looking for and vary from 2000$ for liposuction, or for face lifting from $5000 to $10000, injection of Botox $300 and nose job is about $3000.
Like every other surgery has dangers and welfare, plastic surgery has them too. Writer who was 54 years old, Olivia Goldsmith, died through the neck lift operation. Nigeria's first lady, Stella Obasanjo, died too during plastic surgery. This can show the possible dangers.

Stroke, irregular heart rhythm, heart attack, brain damage, nerve damage, blood clots, and blood loss and air way obstruction are the possibilities that can occur because of anesthesia. Other risks like infection, asymmetry, skin death, numbness, irregularities, fluid collection after liposuction can result from the surgery itself and we do not want to talk about uneducated or unlicensed performers.
As the data of successfully performed operations exist, the data of unsuccessfully ones do not exist. Therefore carefulness is very important when you make a decision to go to plastic surgery, and choose the only hospitals and clinics that have good reputation and specialization. It is also important to assess reasonable result of surgery. Also consider all the risks concerning the procedure. It is very important to live a healthy life without drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. If you want a plastic operation you should make sure that you are healthy and that you do not take any medications that can make operation risky and unsuccessful.

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