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Cosmetic surgery called liposuction is done by people whowould like to remove excess fat from certain area of the body. This procedureuses a hollow tool and aspirator for the far deposits removal. Severaldifferent types of procedure are available and this will also determine thetime needed for the anesthesia, which is always used during this procedure. But, for some people, this procedure involves agreat deal of risk, and this is the reason why surgeons are the ones whodetermine if certain patient can undergo this procedure. There is one thingthat will be needed for healing of the external and internal wounds afterliposuction and it refers to compression garments.

Side Effects and Liposuction

Some of the most common side effects associated with the liposuction procedureare reduced mobility, scarring and swelling. During the liposuction, alot of capillaries and blood vessels will be damaged and this will probably leadto bruising, which is another possible side effect. Scarring is a side effectsgreatly influenced by the genetics of the patient, so the level of scaring willbe determined by genetics. Once the healing starts, the patient will experiencereduced mobility, swelling and numbness.


After the liposuction procedure, the recovery period comes, and during thisperiod, the patient will have to use liposuction garments in order to lower the skinmovement. The use of these garments can take several days or weeks, depending onthe response to the garments and type of the liposuction procedure performed.If the affected areas are moved during the recovery, certain problems can occurand recovery time will take longer. By keeping these areas compressed,liposuction garments help in avoiding such problems. Also, the surgeon will tell you how long youwill have to wear liposuction garments during the day, but do not be surprised if you hear that you have to wearthem for the whole day. Liposuction garments are very tight to the body and can be hardly noticed ifclothes are worn over. The body fluid flow will be stimulated by the use ofthese garments and this will prevent many complications, such as swelling. Theycan be used every day for the whole day without causing any problems. Customerwill also benefit from the evaporated perspiration and the control of the body temperaturecaused by the use of liposuction garments. They are also very soft and can bestretched in order to provide comfort, along with the prevention of allergicreactions. Once you decide to undergo liposuction, the surgeon will tell you everything you haveto know about liposuction garments, which will have to be worn during therecovery period.

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