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Turkey Neck

We will talk about a problem you may have seen on other people, but the scarf and sweater have kept it hidden. This problem is associated with blemishes on the neck, named turkey neck. Many celebrities on TV have kept this problem hidden with help of the mentioned items. The problem usually occurs when a person loses weight and this causes the loosening of the muscles. This problem can also be made worse if an individual is in an advanced age. All of this can make the neck area more sagged, which can cause problems to those who like wearing summer and low cut clothes. During wither this problem is not very hard to hide, but it can be somewhat difficult during the summertime. One answer to this problem is cosmetic surgery, which will eliminate the sagging jowls and double chin. But, this operation may be difficult since it is a long surgery with a lengthy recovery time. In the past, this was the only form of treatment available, but today medications can remove the problem in a month, and sometimes even in two or three weeks.

Surgery for Turkey Neck

As we have said, loosening of the muscles usually causes this problem. The operation involves muscle shortening or tightening in order to reach results. This is done through the incision made under the chin and behind the ears. This surgery is advised only for those without any medical troubles. Another form of treatment, if this one is not an option, is Botox. These injections can eliminate the problem effectively. A sling, placed under the neck skin, is a new treatment and produces a possibility of future adjustment. This is very useful if the chances of reoccurring are a possibility. Also, this is a good treatment for those in later stage of life with the constant sagging problem. You can eliminate it in the future with new procedures that will be costly and time consuming. The tightening or adjusting takes only 20 minutes, though this procedure can cause inflammation.

Fat, gathered under the neck can seem like a turtle neck, but this problem can be eliminated with common liposuction. Still, some risks are connected with this treatment, although it is very effective and fast. If the skin has gathered under the neck, and not the fat, an incision will be made and the skin will be tightened. If you undergo this procedure, remember to follow every advice your doctor gives you. Also, recovery will probably take one week. During the recovery, you have to take care of the nutrition, wound care and resting. Another advice we will give you for the end is to remove any kind of smoke two weeks before and after the surgery. Only, if you follow the rules given in this text and the ones given from your doctor, you will see results you have wanted.

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