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Men of the 21st century are certainly different than the ones who lived in the past. Cosmetics, waxing and even cosmetic surgery are not reserved only for women anymore.

Men feel the need to be youthful and good looking after they turn 40, and even 50 and 60. This fact has changed the ideas about pills, proper dieting, regular exercising and plastic surgery.

Some cosmetic surgery procedures are more common among the men. The stronger sex usually dose a nose job (reshaping of the nose), eyelid operation, breast reduction or liposuction. Hair transplantation surgery has also found its place in the top 5 men plastic surgeries.

About 20% of all liposuction, Botox injections, laser hair removal and eyelid and nose fixing procedures are performed on men. Number of procedures is growing fast, and just for last 8 years 40% more men have decided to perform some sort of cosmetic surgery.

Men tend to “improve” their body. If they are not satisfied with their abdomen they will decide to create 6pack abs from the commercials seen on TV. Also, they use cosmetic surgery to build larger pectoral muscles or improve the bottom. All of these procedures are attractive to people who like easy solutions.

These muscles or enhanced bottom might seem fake and plastic and usually doesn’t resolve the problems that the patients have. These cosmetic surgeries are costly and carry all the possible risks of the surgical procedures under total anesthesia.

Possible Complications

Anesthesia is risky in any surgical procedure, including plastic surgery. Possible effects are: arrhythmias, heart attack, brain damage, stroke, blood problems and breathing problems. Some patients may experience infections, numbness, scarring, fluid retention after liposuction, or skin necrosis. Be aware of possible frauds, unlicensed or untrained doctors.


Cost of a plastic surgery includes: the type of the surgical procedure, fees of the surgeon and his stuff that will perform the surgery and costs for operating room. Costs may vary a lot, but if you want to have a surgical procedure done on your body – find a reliable surgeon and a good surgical practice to perform it.

The least expensive are Botox injections, costing about 300$. Liposuction and eyelid surgeries are around 2000$ and nose job (also known as rhinoplasty) starts at 3.000$. If you want to have a face-lifting surgery, be prepare for prices between 5.000$ and 10.000$.

Make sure you find the qualified and specialized doctor for the surgery, who works in the proper clinic. Discuss potential risks and the outcome of the surgery with him/her. Consult the surgeon about your health condition and any medication you have been using.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol before the surgery.

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