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Breast uplift surgery, also known as mastopexy is a cosmetic procedure performed to lift the breasts. In this article we will provide information about breast uplift surgery for women who are considering having it. Breast Uplift Surgery Overview

During breast uplift operation, excess breast skin is removed in order to lift the breasts, which will give them more youthful and firmer appearance. This operation can be done during breast enlargement or breast reduction surgery.

Breast uplift surgery is designed to help women who are not satisfied with shape and firmness of their breasts. Breast skin loses its elasticity due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, significant weight loss, aging, gravity or heredity. During the procedure, a surgeon can also insert implants to enlarge the breasts in women who have also lost considerable amount of breast volume. Preparing for Breast Uplift Surgery

The day before breast uplift surgery a patient is admitted to hospital to be prepared for operation. At the hospital, a nurse will check the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure and test her urine.

A surgeon measures the patient’s breasts and evaluates their shape as well as the position of the nipples. The position of the incisions may be marked and mammography may be ordered too.

Breast Uplift Procedure

Prior to the operation the patient should not eat or drink about six hours. The surgery is done under general anesthesia. Depending on the technique used, the surgeon makes certain number of incisions of different positions. He or she then removes the skin from around the areola or under the breasts. The nipples are repositioned centrally.

Depending on the patient’s desire, the surgeon may insert silicone implants to improve the size of breasts. These implants can be placed either under the breast surface or beneath the breast muscle. If the patient’s breasts are too large, the surgeon may have to perform breast reduction to prevent further drooping of breasts.

After completing the operation, the surgeon closes the incision with dissoluble stitches and wraps the breasts in a special supporting dressing. Tiny drains can be also used for up to 48 hours.

What to Expect Afterwards?

The patient is given pain relieving medication once the anesthetic wears off. She may be released from the hospital the same day. The patient is given instructions how to take care of their breasts.

The stitches usually dissolve after 7 to 10 days but if non-dissoluble stitches were used, they have to be removed 10 to 14 days after the operation.

The patient must wear support bra for up to six weeks following the surgery. Soreness and swelling in the breast may be present so the patient may have to use extra pillows while sleeping. The patient must avoid lifting heavy objects and any strenuous activities for six weeks although this may be longer if breast implants were inserted.

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