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Breast enhancement surgery has several different names, including mammoplasty and breast augmentation. This is a surgical procedure through which implants are inserted into the female breasts, increasing their size. Due to the effect and the wide availability of this surgery these days, it is one of the most sought procedures of the modern times. When performed flawlessly, by a qualified and experienced surgeon, breast enhancement can lead to breasts which look naturally and are bigger or modified to be more to the patient's liking.

Why Do People Choose Breast Augmentation?

Usually, women choose this procedure when they are dissatisfied with the current size or shape of their breasts. In some cases, children, pregnancy or aging may lead to breasts being less firm and compact, sagging and looking unattractive. Then, women opt for breast enhancement in order to restore the previous state of their breasts, boosting their self-esteem and aesthetic appeal.

Facts about Breast Enhancement Surgery

This surgery lasts for up to 2 hours, during which the surgeon will insert silicone implants through a small opening made underneath the natural breast. Then, he/she will place the implant in an adequate position, closing the wound with sutures and applying a dressing which needs to be kept on for about a week.

When this period ends, the patient is asked to come to a checkup consultation. Then, the surgeon observes the breasts and informs the patient of the success of the surgery as well as of the end of the recovery period, telling her when she can return to work or her regular lifestyle.

The Recovery Period

Once the surgery is done, your body will need rest for proper recuperation. Also, you may need to wear a support bra. During the first couple of weeks after the surgery, your nipples may seem tender and you might feel numbness above the incision area. However, this state of affairs is only temporal and it usually disappears on its own. Nevertheless, lifting heavy objects and engaging in physical workouts is forbidden for at least three weeks.

With older breast implants, the female body was forced to form a capsule around them, considering them foreign objects in the body. This leads to complications and undesired effects in some cases. Fortunately, today, with the new types of implants, this capsule creation processes are reduced to a healthy minimum. Thus, most of the patients who have undergone the surgery lately are more than satisfied with the results.

Finally, breastfeeding may not be possible after this surgery, even though a majority of women have no problems of this type. Also, mammograms can be done on persons with breast implants. However, the procedure differs the standard one and needs to be carried out by skilled members of the medical staff.

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