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Breast Implants

If you want to get breast enhancement surgery, you will have to decide which implants you want. There are silicone and cohesive gel implants and also saline breast implants. Silicone was popular but these days many women decide they would rather have saline implants in their breasts.

Saline breast implants are actually shells filled with some salty water. You might find three different types of saline implants on the market. There are some filled with saline solution in different sizes. Then, there are pre-filled saline implants with the valve, they can be adjusted to the desired size. The third kinds are implants, which are placed into the body and then filled with the solution. These third implants are the only ones that can be adjusted afterwards in the future, and they can be increased or decreased.

How to Decide

Every surgical procedure will leave the scar on your skin. Be aware of that, when deciding which implants you’d like. Inflatable saline implants usually leave smallest scars, because they need smallest incisions to be placed into breasts. If you want another saline implant or silicone one, the incision will be bigger and they will leave larger scars.

Sometimes, you might hear complaints about the feel of saline breasts. Women may feel that they are not moving with the rest of the body, like real breasts. It happens because the saline solution doesn’t have the same thickness like the rest of the breast tissue. Silicone implants feels more like real breasts and also move in the same way, and that might be the reason for some women to choose those.

When it comes to money, usually saline implants are the cheapest. Silicone implant surgery is always more expensive than saline implant surgery.

There are also some risks. Every surgical procedure has some, including breast surgery. Saline implants are considered safer than the rest on the market because they cause less problems. The most common post surgical health issue is thickening of the scar tissue around the breasts. It might be a painful experience for these women. In some cases it may lead to breast hardening and cause removal of the implants.

Also, all breast implants could burst or deflate in the body. Saline implants are much safer under these circumstances, and the body will absorb and excrete almost the solution from these implants in a day or two. When this happens patients usually see the problem right away and then the implants can be easily replaced if it’s needed.

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