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Heat Hazards
During hot days try to leave the dog in some shady and cold place and not in a doghouse, because it traps the heat. Also, if one owns a child's pool, she or he should fill it and let the dog cool off in it. Leaving the dog in a closed car is definitely out of the question so one should make sure the dog has plenty of cool water. When it's time to take the dog for a walk, it should be early in the morning and later in the evening. One should also watch out for hot asphalt because its heat can damage the dog's paws.

General health

Lawns that are fertilized should not be a place for a dog. Also, it should avoid potentially toxic plants and flowers. Mosquitoes that carry heartworm disease and fleas are more active during summer months, so a veterinarian can help with some preventive for the pests. That is one more reason to brush and clean the dog.

Beach tips

Dogs can sunburn, especially those with short hair or white fur, so dog's exposure must be within some limits. It helps to put sunblock on ears and nose half an hour before it heads out. Since running in the sand is a strenuous exercise, one should make sure that the dog does not do plenty of that if it's not in the best shape.

Water safety

If a dog is going to be swimming, one must make sure that it knows how to swim because not all dogs know how. A dog has to be encouraged with toys and by calling it by its name. The dog should never be left unattended.


One must always check first with the airlines company if they fly dogs, especially during hot months, and if they do, when and how. But if they do, one must make sure that the dog always has plenty of water supplies. Lots of fresh water is necessary. Under no circumstances should the dog be left unattended in any vehicle during the hot months. It takes only minutes for a heatstroke or death to occur when the weather is really hot.


This is a serious thing that can happen to a dog if it is exposed to ruthless heat for more than it should be. It can be even fatal. If a dog is panting, breathing rapidly, drooling extensively has bright red gums and tongue, and having problems with its balance; it is most likely that it is in the early stages of a heatstroke. But, if its gums are white or blue, or it is unwilling to move at all, or urinating uncontrollably and breathing noisily then it is in the advanced stages of a heatstroke. The dog can be helped by hosing it with water or applying ice packs on its groin. It would also help to rub alcohol to its paw pads and let it drink small amounts of water.

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