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Although the Kennel Cough is not a severe and it is not a fatal illness your dog might feel very bad and the cough might irritate your dog and make it nervous. So the dog's curing must start at ones to prevent its discomfort.

There are some warning signs of Kennel Cough.

The first symptom is hacking cough. As the dog's cough is not like the human this cough can be heard as a throwing up and a dry cough. It seams as if it comes from the inside of the dog's body. It is constant and uncomfortable and deserves instant treatment so that the dog soon feels better. The cough continuously goes on and makes your pet feels very weak.

Phlegm can also follow the cough. When the dog lays down and moans, it is surely sick with the kennel cough. It is recommended to look for phlegm or yellow-like expel all around the place where your dog sleeps, but sometimes the cough is very dry so there can not be phlegm. Nevertheless it should be treated from respiratory tract infection, the Kennel Cough.

Fever is existing whenever the dog is sick, so this is the case when it suffers from Kennel Cough. But if fever is working together with coughing it is the most severe case of illness. That case demands immediate intervention by the vet.
The dog may become less alert and active.When the dog is ill, it will, for sure tell their master so. Master will know if it so, when the dog lies down in one place all day and it is not cheerful as usually. Although there are dogs that are active and the dogs which are not it is important to identify the illness so that you can deliver it required treatment. Do not neglect the symptom of refusing food and sleeping during the whole day. This is the way your dog tells you that it is ill.
Because the dogs are friendly animals and the Kennel Cough is transmissible at high level. Urgency is highly advisable in order not to contaminate other dogs. The illness can be transmitted to other pets, like cats so it is necessary to divide all the pets.
The illness is curable if the proper medicine is used, but it may last even for a month. Waiting is always worthy, because the dog is relieved from pain and distress and fever. The dogs may be used to this illness and that can be the issue because of possibility of being contagious until the end of his life. Visit to your veterinarian is a must.

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