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General facts about diabetes in dogs

This text deals with the problem and causes of diabetes in dogs, which is a disease that is becoming very spread amongst dogs, and according to the research that was conducted, one dog out of 500 dogs has diabetes.

In order to save and protect a dog from diabetes, we must know what causes it, so that we can react and prevent diabetes.

If a dog is already diagnosed with diabetes, he may have one of two diabetes forms: diabetes insipidus or diabetes mellitus. Diabetes insipidus is a type of diabetes that occurs because of the deficiency of hormone whose purpose is to control water resorption in the kidneys. Diabetes mellitus is very similar to human diabetes and occurs due to the lack of insulin. It is present in the most cases of dog diabetes.

The early stage of diabetes in dogs usually occurs somewhere between their 7th and 9th age. Because of the reproductive hormones, female dogs are at higher risk of developing diabetes. In certain types of dogs diabetes can start at an earlier age. In most cases, diabetes in dogs occurs when they eat food with too many carbohydrates. When that kind of diet is connected with too little activity, diabetes appearance is inevitable.

Causes of Dog Diabetes

Causes for diabetes in dogs can’t be seen, and because of that, there is no way to prevent diabetes from occurring. Heredity is connected with diabetes and plays an important role in its development. So, if dog’s parents had diabetes, young puppies will most likely have it also. Because of that hereditary factor, every dog determined to be breeder should be carefully examined in order to avoid this kind of diseases later. Infectious diseases and viruses can also be some of the causes leading to diabetes developing in dogs.

A dog can be treated from completely different condition and that condition can set diabetes development. If it has some diseases that are in connection with insulin production, then it is more likely that it will have diabetes. Cushing’s disease is one of the triggers that can cause diabetes. Steroids can also be a cause for diabetes occurring, because they have influence on pancreas that can lead to insulin production. So, as we have said earlier, we can`t have influence on diabetes that is caused by hereditary factors, steroids, infectious disease and viruses, but we can make sure that their diet is healthy, and doesn’t have too much carbohydrate, and to enable them to have physical activity.

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