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We will talk about the things you can do in order to make your dog more happy and healthy.


First, we will start with the way of treatment of some of the common problems. Remember that a veterinarian surgeon is a necessity. Always have one, if you have a dog, since they will help you in the cases when the dog needs them. The need for a surgeon may arise and the visit to them will eliminate the problems and suffering your pet may be experiencing, but do not go to the surgeon for every single problem. Many of them may be treated at home, and in this way, you may even reduce the treatment costs. Few races should be trained for obedience, because they are not easy to handle. They will try to fight, and then treating the dog may become a problem. The training will help him to be obedient and receive the treatment.

After walking your dog

During the walk, a dog may pick up some insects, so groom him after the walk, and search for lumps and bumps. Remove any kind of foreign material you may find, since they can cause problems. Twigs can cause matting of the fur and similar problems, and ticks are one of the nastiest problems. They are insects with a mouth shaped as a harpoon, and they attach to the dog in order to feed on its blood. They are very difficult to remove, since they use secretion and their legs to hold on. These insects can particularly be a nuisance for dog with long fur, but there is a remedy you can use for this problem, and it is called petroleum jelly. Just apply the jelly on the affected location, let it stay for 10 minutes, and then use a tissue to remove the tick. They will be more cooperative because of the jelly.

Some diseases and their treatment

Your dog may also suffer from constipation, but there is cure for this, too, so just put one or two spoons of mineral oil into the dog's food. This is the measurement for the smaller dogs, while larger will require 3 or 4 tablespoons. The problem should be gone after two days of the treatment. For ear mites, put corn oil into the ear, massage it and clean it by a cotton ball. Do this for three days and do not worry because of the use of corn oil, since the specialists have approved it. For the problems with urinary infection, put 30 to 40 ml of juice made from cranberry into the dog's food. For diarrhea, use a mix of water and a teaspoon of carob powder, and put it into a dog's food.

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