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Sugar has a bad reputation and has had for quite some time. People can be addicted to it, can become overweight and suffer from various health issues. Many parents are told to keep their children away from this horrid ingredient as it will make them hyperactive.However, sugar is back on the IN list in recent time. As with all foods, they go through years of being seemingly good for you and then suddenly it is discovered they are in fact actually very bad for you. These days sugar is replacing the synthetic sweeteners like fructose corn syrup. The question is who is right and who is wrong.

Calorie Content in Sugar

The amount of calories in a particular food is what we normally will first assess to decide if it is acceptable or not. Calories are the cause for increasing waistlines. There are over four calories per one gram of sugar and fructose. As well as this, both of these ingredients have practically no dietary fiber, and are deficient in their nutritious value. Blood Glucose Levels and Insulin

There are lots of factors to consider when you are deciding to shun a certain ingredient or not. Let’s look at fructose for a minute, when you consume fructose it will move straight to the liver thus not allowing an effect on the blood sugar or insulin levels in the body. This is important if you are one of those people that do not wish to experience the elevated and often erratic levels of energy. Now let’s have a look at sugar, which will unfortunately put the glucose into the blood and this is why you will inevitably have the roller coaster energy levels. However because of this high followed by the low energy you are almost certainly going to feel hungry still and thus will snack more often throughout the day to compensate. According to this comparison sugar still has got a bad name but let’s look at the folowing thought. Fructose will not affect the leptin level in your body as much as sugar will, so this basically means that after eating food with fructose in it you will feel more hungry than if it contains sugar.

How to Lower the Harm of Consumption

You have decisions to make and there are pros and cons to each decision. You need to think about either wanting to stop that drained feeling half way through the day and/or managing your blood and sugar levels in your body.

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