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A Cheap, Unhealthy Exchange for Sugar

Many industries put high fructose cornsyrup in their products instead of regular sugar. They do it becausethey wish to save money, since this corn syrup is far moreinexpensive. However, at the same time it is significantly worse forpeople to consume due to the fact that frequent consumption of cornsyrup may lead to development of numerous health problems, some moreserious than the other.

This product is derived from cornstarchwhich is exposed to some enzymes, transforming it into corn syrup. Atthe same time, its glucose is transformed into fructose. Thereby,healthy values of cornstarch are gone and all high fructose cornsyrup can offer to an individual are possible health complications.

How Is High Fructose Corn SyrupProduced?

As mentioned above, once cornstarch isexposed to certain enzymes, it gets transformed into corn syrup whichis, afterwards, used for sweetening various products. Even though,after the conversion process, there is still glucose found in cornsyrup, a majority of it has been changed into fructose. What is more,many of these enzymes need specific bacteria or fungi in order tofulfill their purpose in this process. All these factors combined,create the high fructose corn syrup we consume most times when wedrink soda or eat sweets.

Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Bad for Us?

There are many claims that thissweetener contributes to obesity in people. However, numerousresearches have been conducted, with a goal to find the truth behindthese assumptions. In the end, it has been discovered that corn syrupof this kind is no more harmful than the actual sugar is, at least inregarding one's weight gain.

Nevertheless, high fructose corn syrup,being similar to regular sugar, has a specific effect upon ourappetite. It does not activate our organism's production of insulin.Thus, it does not place limits on our consumption since, we do notfeel full after eating food rich in this corn syrup. This,indirectly, may lead to gaining weight, if we consume products withthis sweetener too often.

In the sea of different claims andcounter-arguments, often connected to high fructose corn syrup, thereare more where the previous ones came from. While some people believethat the process of production of this sweetener is not natural,companies which produce it beg to differ. In fact, it has even beenofficially accepted as being absolutely without additives and,therefore, natural.

In a similar manner, all claims ofnegative aspects of this product meet counter-claims from the peoplesupporting it. Thus, be careful while consuming products with highfructose corn syrup and limit your intake in order to be safe.

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