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The Information Overload

Believe it or not, whenever we are exposed to peaceful and serene surroundings, our body receives more than 16,000 different stimuli each second. This is an incredible amount of information making us receive excessive data, best part of which we are incapable of even sensing consciously.

Then, imagine us in the hectic world of today, where our brain and the rest of our being is bombarded with billions of different pieces of information. Namely, even while you are sitting in your chair, you are feeling the backrest, your buttocks in the seat, the heat of your surrounding, the taste in your mouth, the breaths entering your body, the letters on the screen reaching your brain through your eyes and your complex nervous system etc. We are living a true information overload, since we constantly get more stimuli than we are capable of grasping.

Thus, it is no wonder that, at a certain time, we are incapable of concentrating on specific things we are doing. For example, we might be reading a book, while, actually, our eyes may just be crossing the lines in it, with no conscious thoughts following the storyline. This takes place because our brain is preoccupied with other tasks and cannot focus on understanding what we are reading, let alone memorizing the read data.

So, many times while we are studying, we are facing the same problem.

The Studying Issue

There are several manifestations of this problem. Firstly, your mind may not pay attention to what you are reading. Secondly, you may forget people's names the moment you meet them. Thirdly, you may be forgetting certain errands you need to do, even though you do your best to keep them in mind. Finally, you might be studying hard for a test or something similar and experience a mental block, making it impossible for you to remember the necessary data when you are supposed to, despite the fact that you possess the knowledge somewhere in your mind.

The Solution

Anxiety is the main problem behind all the troubles mentioned above. When we are relaxed and good-willed, we are capable of storing new data in our memory easily. Moreover, we are capable of recalling it easily when we need it.

So, during hypnotherapy, your mind gets completely relaxed and you learn how to learn and how to understand the situations in which you are gaining new knowledge. That being said, hypnosis can help you deal with your exam anxiety or any other form of obstacle which stands in the way of your learning.

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