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Stretches for lower back pain

When you suffer from this pain, you must take real care when doing stretches for this area of your body. If it hurts when doing them, stop and go talk to a specialist. Here are some exercises which can help, if done properly. But, they should be done thoughtfully, with no rushing, so you should pay attention.

The simple cat stretch

It should be done either in the morning, when you wake up, or in the evening, before you go to bed. Start by getting on your knees and hands. Then, as you lift your head up, let your back slowly fall into an arch. You should be feeling a rather nice stretch. After that, try to get your chin to your chest while you lift your back. Do this 5-10 times and extend your movements gradually. As for breathing, breathe in as you raise your head and breathe out when you lower it.

Full-body mobilizer

This exercise, which contains of two parts, is more difficult than the first one and if the first part feels difficult, maybe you should stick with the basic cat stretch exercise for a while longer.Part 1 is the basic movement. You start standing, with the knees a wee bit bent. Now, bend your chin towards the floor, followed by your waist going forward and your hands touching the knees. If you can, without pain, get your elbows to the knees, do it. When in this position, gently straighten the right knee while you let the left to bend further. After you return your knees into a bent position, proceed with the left knee straightening and right knee bending. Do this 5- 10 times. Be very careful that you never straighten both of your legs at the same time!Part 2 consists of adding arm movement. When you have your elbows on your knees and your right knee straighten while the left one is bent further, lift your right arm towards the ceiling. Doing so, let your upper body twist to do it more easily, but your left elbow must support all of this. After returning to the bent pose, do this but with the left arm reaching up and your right arm, having placed it on the knee, being the support. When you have felt the stretch, lower the left arm and get your left knee into a bent position. This exercise should be done 5-10 times, for both of your sides.

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