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There are many people who go biking and cycling and a lot of these people suffer with the stiff lower backs. Below are stretches that are brilliant for stretching out the lower back correctly and effectively. These particular stretches are great for those who tend to sit a lot or even for people who stand on their feet all day long. If you have been out cycling for hours on end bent over your handlebars you will more than likely notice your back stiffens up when you dismount. It is suggested you do these stretches afterwards and even the next day to help relax the muscles again.

Prone Cobra

To do this stretch will not need any equipment besides a mat to lie on. You need to have your stomach flat on the ground and your hands need to be below your shoulders in the same position as if you were preparing to do a pushup. Now keep your hips on the floor and allow your arms to extend so your torso lifts off the floor, this should allow you to feel a stretch on the front of your body. Keep in mind to stretch from the hip area, you should not feel any pinching or soreness. You can also try doing alternate the sides you stretch by lightly turning your torso, putting one hand a little past the other and then do again on the opposed side. This successfully opposes the stoop position of riding a bike and it also helps to unlock the face of the body.Band Cat Traction

To do this exercise you need to sit down on a bench and loop a strong Jump Stretch Band around one of your knees after which you can use the free end and put it behind your back so you can draw the conflicting loop around your other knee. Now keep the band in place, and kneel down on the ground in cat position with your hands beneath your shoulders and your knees straight below your hips. Now you need to round your back whilst exhaling and then lower your back and inhale.

Hug a Tree

This is possibly the simplest exercise to do. This will stretch the upper and center back, shoulders, hamstrings and the arms. You will need to stand a couple of feet away from a pole or a tree if you’re near one and put your arms around it, just under the level of your shoulders. Now lean back so your arms are straight and you feel a little stretch along your back.

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