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Usual problem among men, less among women, these days is loosing of hair, and men also keep asking themselves how to keep hair on their heads.

There is very important to say that hair lose is usually caused by some imbalance of the body. From the other side, the imbalance of the body could be caused by disease or stress, of course.

Hair suffers also with the body, like any other live organ, so if your body condition is not well, it could reflect also on your hair. If you are stressed, your hair could start to go down, you can get the dandruff or some other problems with the skin on your head, or more.

Different kinds of stress could be reflected also as changing of appearance, and hair loss is also one of the side effects of the bad condition of organism.

How everything starts?

Usually if you are stressed a lot, surely you should give your best to feel better, actually, you would start trying to get out of stressed situations.

But if you are stuck with your work, if you do not have much time to think on your health in right way, that also will cost you. The fastest but also the worst possible way to get over with stress is to have some drink and, if you are smoker, to smoke one or two packs of cigarettes. A lot of smoking and drinking will not bring you anything good. It is well-known that alcohol and tobacco are very dangerous and toxic, so it is the worst thing to smoke and drink a lot in the time that you are in stress. By the way, sleep is very important and serious factor, so if you do not sleep enough, you also can get into serious trouble. Your immune system will be in dangerous, so is your health.


If you want to be healthy person, if you want to keep hair on your head and smile on your face, start with therapies against stress. It is very recommendable to try to avoid the stress because, as it is well-known, stress can cause more serious issue than hair loss.

So if you suffer from stress, it is real time to dispose of it.

Fortunately, there are a lot of kinds of therapies against stress. You can pick just one or you can combine, it depends on you.

The most recommendable therapies against stress are yoga classes, any kind of physical exercise, meditate, acupuncture, spending times outdoors, sex, love..

It is also important to eat well and to care to your body, and to your hear of course.

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