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Skin is the organ that presents outside everything that happens inside the body. It is the biggest organ in human body, so usually it suffers the most. Skin also presents the shield for organism, so it is very important to keep skin in good shape.
As already been mentioned, skin presents everything that happens inside of the body, so if some person, for example, has problem with endocrine glands, it will affect the condition of the skin. The most usual problem caused from inside is acne.
Acne is very serious skin problem of today, and it is very important to be treated well. Sometimes it is also very difficult to deal with this kind of problem. Person that suffers from acne must accept the fact that the serious treatment is more than necessary, so the first step would be changing of some habits such as food for instance. It is also well-known that bad food can provoke very serious issues in organism that may or may not reflect on outside-skin. Maybe the most important thing is that person that suffers acne should not touch her or his face by himself or herself. Face with acne problem is very sensitive and it should not be exposed to hand and hair dirt. Also is important that acne should be treated by professional-doctor, otherwise the acne condition would be worst and worst.
It is also very important for person that suffers acne to have good doctor, so the cure will be found quickly. Today, there is a lot of different kind of preparations that help skin condition, but question is always which are the best.
Some preparations that are recommendable for acne are not so perfect. For instance, benzyl peroxide is good, but it could also cause the drying of the skin. Also, there is problem with camphor which is also good in acne treatment but could be bad for some people because it can cause an allergy. Fortunately, some today preparations are made from herbs, and they very soft and helpful.
One of the most popular is preparation of witch hazel. It is actually very old cure. Today it is very available in very different shapes-like soap, foam, lotion, and it can be found in every store.
For persons with acne and any other skin problem, spring can be very hard time of the year because of the blooming of the plants which are the allergy triggers. Skin rash can be very painful, so the Calamine lotion is one of the most recommended for these situations.
The other very common skin problem is dry skin, but fortunately it is not so serious as acne condition.
Some herbs are also very good for dry skin. These herbs are oats, aloe vera, tea tree, and Marshmallow. Those herbs you can take as food, or like preparation.

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