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Inability to provide clean the interior of organism is very serious and dangerous problem of the most people on planet. Unfortunately, everybody can suffer from constipation, both adults and children. Not only that bad food and bad habits cause the constipation, the main cause of it, in numerous cases, is stress.

How to explain constipation among children?

Children shouldn't have this type of problem, because their organisms are, if it can be said, new, and also shouldn’t have many problems with digestive. But of course, if parents don’t accept parenthood properly, and begin to ignore their liabilities such as giving the children an appropriate food, and not to expose them stress, constipation can be found among children, too. Actually, the main trigger of the children constipation is every type of emotional insecure.

How to cure this problem?

Parents should do everything to prevent constipation among their children in the first place, but if it already exists, there are some well-known methods for getting over with this serious problem.

Water among all good sides of it has also laxative effect. Parents should make sure that their kids taking enough water daily, because hydration of young organism is very important, and not only young. It is recommendable to take at least two liters of water for day. In the case of the children constipation water acts like the sweeper of organism. Water influences on the work of interior organisms. It is also recommendable to give to the children which suffer from harder constipation warm water so the process will go on faster.

There is also lot of fruit and vegetables that are also well-known as the natural laxatives, and of course, very recommendable.

A list of fruit and vegetables that are natural laxatives

1. Apricot
2. Peach
3. Plum
4. Pear
5. Prune
6. Grape
7. Blackberry
8. Strawberry
9. Banana
10. Watermelon
11. Tomato
12. Zucchini
13. Bean
14. Pepper
15. Olive

Other food can also be a great laxative such as cereals, flaxseeds, and also well-known laxatives are yogurt and kefir. It could be mixed with cereals, so can be presented like very delicious meal.

Next to the recommendable food, it is very good to parents massage their children tummies. These are should be very soft massage-you should massage your kid tummy with one hand, around, and around the clockwise. Of course, you can also help your kid to do some crunches or squats so the organism starts with work. This is recommendable for older children.

And of course, parents should not exaggerate with laxatives, because these can provoke the diarrhea, which is as dangerous.

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