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Stress is the very common problem of today. We are living in the modern world, a world of technology and development, but all of these bring a lot of problems. Problems like overcrowd cities, noise, lack of time, traffic crowd, job, school.. are usual cause of stress. But it is very hard to avoid all these. All these mentioned things are the integral parts of live so we must to learn how to deal with it, without stress, of course.

There are a lot of different methods for reduction of stress or total disappearance of stress. The second is much better but it is also much harder to achieve and so it is much less, but fortunately it is not impossible.

Defense against the stress

It is very good to try to listen to yourself and your body as much as possible. Different people have had different experiences with stress and with defense of it. Some of the people like to take a walk after stressful day. There are a lot of people that go for fishing-sitting next to the water is very relaxing and also very healthy, no matter if it is the sea side or the river. Some people, especially women, like to sew or to knit, or to string beads. Some people like to travel whenever they can and wherever: other country, seaside, mountain, countryside…

There is the method calls Natural Stress Relief therapy which includes observation of the subconscious and helps to release the mind of the bad things, and to bring good.

The method is based on visualization and imagination, actually the most important role has the autosuggestion-we can feel something despite of appearance of the imagine object.

This is actually the best and the cheapest way to avoid and also beat the stress. If you imagine to be on some other place like countryside, or seaside, or to hear the bird singing, instead of the place of the real present, you won’t be much stressed. The concentration plays the biggest role in this method. No matter if you got stuck in the traffic crowd or in some other crowd, if you are surrounded with noise, you will stay calm.

There is also one very good advice for people that travel a lot, but much more for those who cannot afford often traveling because of a lot of different reasons. So when you are on the some nice trip, make sure that you have on memory those experiences. These pictures will be very useful in the situations which are triggers of stress. Actually, the greatest defender of the stress is your own experience and imagination.

So don’t worry and enjoy.

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