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The tragic fact of today is that people very often suffer from different kinds of disorders. We are living in modern society that brings up very good things, but unfortunately it also can bring up some very bad things. Every day living for the average man can be, and usually is, filled with a lot of stress. As is already bee well-known, stressed situations are the most common trigger for different kinds of diseases. Diseases caused by stress can be physical and also psychical.

One of the very common diseases of today caused by stressed situations is disorder of personality. The personality disorder usually starts up in very young ages, in the period of adolescence, but the symptoms are usually found latter during the life.

It is well-known that personality disorder appears as consequence of very sloppy life, especially during the adolescence period. Adolescence period is very sensitive period of life of the man, because it includes very drastic changes-first would be changes from the child to the grownup, and then all other things that life of grownups mean. If person starts to use drugs, alcohol or to use any other psychoactive substance, if he or she starts to gamble, to act promiscuous, or if he or she became very depressive, and all this happen in period of adolescence, the mentioned things can very serious affect on personality.

Also the other social activities can provoke the disorder of personality, such as domestic violence, which is very common among lower social stratums, but it does not have to be only in lower social stratum, but also in the highest, violence against children, and of course personal disorder of the very close member of family-father or mother that suffer alcoholism, drug addiction, kleptomania, gambling.

The persons that suffer personality disorder have very big problem to adapt to the system. They also can be extremely violent to the people that do not accept their condition, and also do not want to adapt on the demands of persons that suffer from disorder of personality.

Stop personal disorder

It is very important to say that personal disorder can prevent on time. People with children especially should pay attention on life of their children. They must know what their children want and how sensitive they are. Of course, there is no such thing as perfect family and perfect environment, but people should give their best to make good condition for development of their children.

Over and above, if there is already person that suffers personality disorder, society must do the steps to help to the person and family of the person, otherwise the problem will develop more and more.

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