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The following text will discuss about two very commonproblems that trouble both females and males, and they are hair loss andbrittle nails. Many factors influence the creation of these problems and theydo not have to be serious, but we have to say that they might.


The first possible cause of these two problems is stress, which can also causeacne and other problems. Cortisol is a stress hormone and when levels of thishormone are elevated, oil manufacture will also increase, which will develop hairloss and oily skin. Stress can be detected by rubbing the fingers over thethumb and this may lead to brittle nails and nail plate distortion. Nextpossible cause is deficiency of some vitamin. The most commonly connected vitamin deficiencies with hair loss and brittle nails are related to the vitamins E, C, B and A alongwith folic acid, inositol and biotin deficiency. This happens due to the fact that they remove freeradicals, make the sebum healthy and aid the circulation in the scalp. Anemia isanother possible cause, which is actually deficiency of iron. This occurs whenthere aren’t enough red blood cells, and since they are responsible for thesupply of iron and oxygen throughout the body, this will lead to iron deficiencyand thus, hair loss and brittle nails as well. Another cause is hyperthyroidism, which isdeveloped due to extreme production of thyroid hormones by an overactivethyroid gland. This will lead to hair loss and brittle nails because they arevery important for the hair follicles. Cells, both healthy and cancerous, willbe killed by the radiation or chemotherapy. This can cause great problems withskin rash, brittle and yellow nails, hair loss and other.


In order to have healthy nails and hair you will first have to eliminatetension and stress from your life. Also, use shampoos frequently if you have anoily scalp, in order to decrease the amount of surface sebum, which is richwith DTH and testosterone and may cause hair follicle damage. Hair oilingand massages are best for those who do not have oily scalp. Brittle nails canbe cured with the help of the regular manicures, using gloves while you washdishes, nail solutions and lotions. Also we have to mention that you should useonly the most quality products when polish remover, nail polishes and othersimilar products are in question.


In order to prevent brittle nails and hair loss, you have to lead a healthy lifeand eat healthy as well. This means you have to include a lot of minerals andvitamins and remember that you have to see a doctor if your problem is becomingmore serious.

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