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Have you ever had a problem with sweating in front of a lot of people? Well, this isn\'t a very pleasant experience. Everybody is looking at you and wondering why you are so sweaty and stinky. But a condition called hyperhidrosis produces a lot more terrifying symptoms. This disease causes enormous sweating, even on the palms. This can be very difficult disease to live with. People affected cannot even shake hands because of the embarrassment. They can wash, change clothes or wipe off the sweat. But it will always return very quickly. You can imagine what kind of psychological problems this condition can produce. Cases in which patients are excluded from social life aren\'t rare.

They are afraid to be condemned and felt sorry for, so they close up. This can lead to problems with anxiety and depression. There are several million glands, from which a person can sweat, and they are located on the feet soles, armpits, face, hands and groins. The sweating has an important part in maintaining a proper body functioning. When our temperature rises, we sweat and in that way the heat escapes and our body cools down. However, sweating can be provoked by other means. Such are improper balance in nervous and hormone system, or some stress and emotional anxiety. A perspirant (like drysol) can be used to ease the effects of sweating, but there is no known cure for hyperhidrosis. There is another treatment for this condition. Since there is a connection between the glands and the brain, just cutting of this connection can be effective. This can be done by surgery. But this is a very dangerous procedure and isn\'t advised, since there are many serious side effects. The most important is that by doing this procedure, the size of blood vessels will not be controlled by glands, and this is one of their many functions. Still, there is some hope for the diseased. A part of the nervous system, called sympathetic nervous system, is responsible for situations containing high stress.

When we find ourselves in such situations, it gives you strength to fight or run better and faster than usual. It is accomplished by sending almost all of the blood to the brain, but also the signal to sweat. The same system performs another function. When we eat something our body does not tolerate, more work from this system has to be done. And, if this system works more, it produces more sweat. So, in theory, if you use a diet with items your body tolerates, the sweating will decrease. There were many cases which proved this theory. One woman produced great results by eliminating dairies from nutrition. But there are many more possible causes for the illness, such as chronic infection and endocrine disorders. In some cases, a fast only on water gave positive results. In any way, if you are suffering from this condition, educate yourself on this issue, make a change in nutrition and lifestyle and maybe the sweating will decrease. You have nothing to lose.

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