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If and when women experience any kind of stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy they tend to get very alarmed. They can’t exactly be called paranoid and unreasonable, as many cases of intense stomach cramps that women go through at the beginning of pregnancy are, in fact, a cause for concern. However, not all cases of stomach cramps early on in the pregnancy have that outcome.

What exactly are those harmless stomach cramps that occur in the early pregnancy?

As everyone probably knows, the body of every woman is different and women go through different periods in very different ways. And, pregnancy is no different than the rest of them. What that means exactly is that every woman experiences the raging hormones and their sudden shifts during pregnancy differently. Some women simply have a more difficult time with them because they can manifest themselves through cramps and stomach pain. It’s just the same as morning sickness. Some women go through their entire pregnancy without having vomited once and others have their morning sickness both in the morning and evening.

Why do these stomach cramps occur?

While sometimes these hormones are the reason of hormone changes, some other times they can occur due to the expansion of the uterus to make room for the growing baby. Some women do not even notice this process, but others can suffer its consequences in the form of cramping. This cramping is sometimes followed by some vaginal bleeding which can add to it being a scary experience, but it is as well one of the symptoms that some women experience.

How can one distinguish the alarming kind of cramps from the normal ones?

The difference in the manifestation of cramping that leads to a miscarriage and the cramping that occurs due to the changes in the body of the pregnant women is noticeable. First of all, while quite uncomfortable, normal cramps are not too intense, in fact, they are less intense than menstrual cramps.

The dangerous kind of cramps tends to be quite severe and unbearable and they make the stomach extremely sensitive to touching. They are followed by profuse vaginal bleeding. Also, the pain is located more on the side of the stomach rather than the center. This is because the miscarriage most frequently occurs due to an ectopic pregnancy, which basically means that the egg wound up in the fallopian tube instead of the womb.

Finally, while the normal cramping goes away on its own after a little while, the cramping that resulted from a miscarriage will most likely persist for quite a while.

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