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Pregnancy signs such as morning sickness, fatigue, abdominal bloating and more frequent urination during the first trimester can be hard. Yet, when these symptoms go away, many pregnant women immediately start worrying whether they will have a miscarriage. Will you have a miscarriage if your pregnancy symptoms are gone?

Among the more common miscarriage symptoms during early pregnancy are bleeding, cramping, and also a sudden reduction in pregnancy symptoms. Both the bleeding and cramping occur for obvious reasons while a woman is miscarrying. A reduction in pregnancy symptoms can also take place without the presence of those symptoms during so-called missed miscarriage, a fetus passes away without the tissues being expelled from the body. It is not clear why this happens in some cases, and most miscarriages will complete on their own.

Whether you have other miscarriage symptoms, or have simply noticed that your pregnancy symptoms are gone, you may want to contact your healthcare provider and seek medical care. If there are no other indications besides a lack of pregnancy symptoms, don't worry immediately though pregnancy symptoms can and do change and disappear as pregnancies progress. Many women, for instance, find that morning sickness goes away by the time they reach their second trimester.

Likewise, after those early and formative weeks of pregnancy, women may be relieved to discover they now have more energy, and you generally feel better. This is normal, and does not have to be related to a miscarriage at all. If your pregnancy is further along, and you notice a decrease in symptoms, and especially a sudden lack of fetal movement, that is much more likely to be an indication something is wrong, and we would advise you to head into the ER right away once you realize your baby has stopped moving, and she is not responding to prods or when you drink a cold glass of water.

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