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CrampingDuring Early Pregnancy

Crampsexperienced during the early stages of pregnancy can be veryconcerning to some women who may think that there is a seriousproblem with their pregnancy. However, cramping all throughoutpregnancy is very common and generally quite normal. Cramping duringearly pregnancy is very common and is actually a good sign, as itindicates that the body is preparing correctly for the baby.

Certainwomen may feel some cramps as early as a week after their ovulationcycle. If a woman is feeling this and is actually pregnant, thistype of cramping is known as implantation cramping and is caused bythe egg transferring to the uterus. This cramping is usually verysubtle and causes very minor discomfort. Some women will feel crampsfairly soon after they have determined that they are indeed pregnant;this is due to the uterus changing to accommodate a baby. However, ifany of these type of cramps become very painful, a doctor should benotified as this can indicate a more serious problem.

Roundligament pain is the most common type of cramping that most womenwill experience. This occurs due to the muscles around the uterushaving to enlarge in order to hold the baby in place as it grows.Cramps will continue to occur throughout each trimester, occasionallyslightly worse than at other times, but this is generally no causefor alarm. During the beginning stages of pregnancy, cramps can beaccompanied by slight blood spotting; these are very normal symptomsof pregnancy, but if they become too severe, a doctor should be seento diagnose any problems.

Whento be Concerned

Generally,when cramping becomes too intense or spotting increases to abnormallevels, there may be underlying problems that should be addressed asearly as possible. These symptoms can even be signs of a miscarriageor what is known as an ectopic pregnancy. This type of pregnancyoccurs when the egg is transferred to a different place instead ofthe uterus, typically the fallopian tubes, and causing severe painand some bleeding. Constant pain and bleeding can sometimes be anindication of a miscarriage and the symptoms should be examined by adoctor as soon as possible.

Certainsymptoms that should be taken very seriously include severe pain thatlasts for more than a day that is aggravated when moving, cramps thatfollow a few days of spotting, bleeding for an entire day that issimilar to a heavy flow period, grey or pink clots of tissue indischarge, the lower stomach being tender in addition to cramps andserious pain in the lower abdomen on one side, which can be anindication of an ectopic pregnancy.

Consultinga medical professional regularly during pregnancy is important evenwhen only normal symptoms are observed. Plenty of rest should betaken to relax the muscles, although a warm bath can help relievemuscle tension too.

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