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Bloating falls under the category of the symptoms that areconsidered to be perfectly normal in the early stages of the pregnancy. They tooare the result of intense hormonal shifts that occur inside the pregnant woman’sbody, just as the symptoms of sensitivity of the breasts, nausea and vomiting,the good old food cravings, swollen soft tissues that are a result of building uptoo much water inside the body, or the so-called edema, mood swings, as well asweariness and exhaustion.

As for the direct causes of bloating, they are numerous, andnormally quite harmless. The only reason that bloating might become a cause forconcern is if it’s followed by intense stomach aching and cramps. This is whereone should definitely seek medical attention to establish the course of action.

Bloating caused by the growth of the uterus

The expansion of the uterus is a very logical result ofcarrying a baby. When the baby grows, it is necessary for both the abdomen andthe uterus to adjust to its size. This expansion of the abdomen may sometimesbe a bit uncomfortable and feel like bloating.

Bloating caused by constipation

Constipation is the occurrence of the irregular and quiteinfrequent bowel movements. It is not at all unusual in the beginning ofpregnancy, however it does have some unpleasant side effects, one of them beingthe feeling of bloating. The base of the answer to what causes constipation inearly pregnancy lies in the hormonal fluctuations. The hormone in question isprogesterone and what the body does is go completely overboard with itsproduction in order to make the muscles and ligaments softer, so that it canachieve the expansion of the stomach and the uterus. However, what theirsoftening also does is slow down the functioning of some of the systems that dependon those muscles, like the digestive system, and that’s how the issue ofconstipation arises.

Bloating caused by weight gain

It is very well known that pregnant women have to eat fortwo. And while they do eat all of the most nutritious and healthiest food, theydon’t really pay attention to things like avoiding to eat proteins andcarbohydrates together. Also, their physical activity is reduced to a minimum,and not to mention the fact that they have a baby growing inside of them. Allof this is bound to result in some weight gain, which is often accompanied bybloating.

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