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Scalloped tongue is a medical term used to describe an augmented or an expanded kind of tongue. In and of itself, a swollen tongue is not a disorder but a sign that there is an abnormality happening in the body that manifests itself by producing the swelling of the tongue. For example, every medical check up will start with a visual inspection of a person’s tongue, regardless of why that individual came to see a health care provider, as there are numerous health concerns related to the scalloped tongue condition.

Infections and Other Causes of a Swollen Tongue

There are many health problems that manifest themselves through the enlargement of the tongue, but one of the most common reasons for this occurrence are dental problems. As teeth press onto the tongue for whatever reasons it will swell up and cause discomfort. Further, a malfunctioning thyroid gland is often the cause of a scalloped tongue. If the thyroid gland does not generate an optimal amount of hormones for the body, the adverse effects of this problem are demonstrated through the augmentation of a number of glands and such increased glands will in turn contribute to a swollen tongue. Moreover, some sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, also cause tongue enlargement. Suffering from sleep apnea entails having trouble breathing while asleep as the tongue blocks the oral cavity. Once the dentures start pressing against the tongue it will grow bigger than usual and create a complication. In addition, having problems with the lower jaw will also cause swelling as the teeth are often in an unnatural position, putting pressure on the tongue. Finally, problems with spleen are also known to produce the amplified tongue effect. Having excess levels of water in the body usually results from a malfunctioning spleen, as do other issues such as energy production, with the symptoms being the swelling of the tongue.

Treatment for a Scalloped Tongue

As mentioned earlier, a scalloped tongue is not a disorder on its own, but is instead caused by another malfunction in the body. As such, there is no way to treat it other than to discover the underlying problem and proceed with treating whatever it was that caused the tongue to swell in the first place. More precisely, if the underlying condition was sleep apnea, a qualified medical professional will propose a course of action appropriate for treating sleep apnea, which will in turn resolve the tongue issue as well.

Soreness Affecting the Tip of the Tongue

Another relatively harmless condition that affects the tongue is a sore and painful tip of the tongue. As with any other change in the condition of one’s health, a sore tongue can mean a benign development or can be a sign of a more dangerous problem. In any case, the symptoms of a tongue problem are relatively easily identifiable as it is supposed to be the color of the meat and be protected by a layer of papillae. If there is a change in color or the amount of the papillae something is causing this change and medical assistance is often recommended. Similarly, if an individual experiences a painful and sore tongue tip it is highly advised that he or she seeks medical help from a proper medical health provider.

Causes of a Sore Tip of the Tongue

Interestingly, soreness of the tongue usually results from an unbalanced diet. If an individual is not getting enough of the healthy nutrients in the daily diet, such as iron, niacin, and various vitamins, he or she is likely to end up with a very painful, sore tongue causing uneasiness and distress. In addition, teeth problems and insufficient hygiene of the mouth can have a strong negative impact on the tongue causing it to hurt. Moreover, physical injury to the tongue, which can result from activities such as kissing, biting, or stroking the tongue against the dentures can sometimes lead to the soreness of the tip of the tongue. Other than the physical, there can also be emotional issues that indirectly contribute to the problem of the sore tongue. In particular, individuals who are under a lot of stress or suffer from a form of an anxiety disorder may have the habit of oppressing their teeth and in turn hurting the tongue as well.

Treatment for the Sore Tip of the Tongue

As with the scalloped tongue, a sore tip of the tongue is not a separate disorder but a symptom of a condition or a result of an action that hurt it. If a person experiences this type of discomfort for a prolonged period of time it is always best to seek medical attention to uncover the underlying condition that resulted in the soreness of the tongue. Finally, whatever the cause may be the doctor will identify it and advise the best available solution for treating it.

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