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Sore tongue and throat may be results of numerous factors. In most cases, patients complaining about these symptoms have been found to suffer from common cold or flu, but there were also patients who had the same symptoms and experience severe medical problems.

Soreness of the tongue and throat may result for some external factors such as air pollution and contamination and exposure to certain poisonous gases. Various allergic reactions and exposure to cigarette smoke, whether active or passive smoking, may also cause these symptoms, as well as climatic and temperature changes. Overuse of vocal chords is yet another factor which may contribute to development of soreness in the throat and tongue.

Causes of Sore Throat and Tongue

Physical injuries and traumas of the tongue, caused by biting the tongue or by tongue bruises are known to provoke soreness of this organ. Eating too hot food may also damage the tongue, especially its taste buds and lead to loss of taste buds and sore tongue. Diabetes, anemia and some other medical problems may affect the surface of the tongue as well and cause soreness of both throat and the tongue.

Various infections of the oral cavity may also be responsible for the soreness of the throat and the tongue. Frequent causes of these problems are common cold and flu, but the problem might be more serious if some viral infection gets complicated with another bacterial infection. These conditions usually spread to different parts of the body and it is not rare to affect respiratory system, nose and ears as well.

Inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis) is another possible explanation of sore tongue and throat. This may be result of climate changes or some kind of infection.

Oral cancer is common but serious cause of soreness in the throat and tongue in certain patients. This type of cancer may affect any part of oral cavity and it can grow into a tumor, causing even greater pain and problems for the patient.Treatment Solutions for Sore Throat and Tongue

There are different medications able to resolve almost all possible causes of soreness in the tongue and throat, especially if these were caused by common cold, flu or injuries. In some cases, these problems don’t need any treatment for they heal on their own using saliva. Frequent tonsillitis is often treated by removal of the tonsils, while oral cancer requires chemotherapy as the treatment.

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