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Herpes on tongue

Herpes on tongue

Herpes is a viral disease that  is caused by herpes simplex virus. There are two types of this virus, herpes simplex virus type 1 and herpes simplex virus type 2. In the majority of cases, oral herpes is induced by herpes simplex virus type 1, while, on the other side, genital herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus type 2. However, there are also cases, although fewer, in which it is vice-versa. The areas where the oral herpes may occur are lips, tongue, the inside of the mouth and gums, as well as nose and chin. When herpes appears on tongue, it is marked by very painful sores that usually occur on tongue and on the area that surrounds the tongue. Herpes on tongue is also called oral ulcers or mouth sores, and it may appear in every person. This condition is contagious and should be treated immediately. Many people tend to misdiagnose it with canker sores that are, on the other side, not contagious and can be easily treated.

Symptoms of herpes on tongue

Since this condition is very infectious, it can be spread in numerous and various ways, for instance, by using spoon or fork that was previously used by an infected person. Moreover, a person can get it by using the same handkerchief or towel as the infected person. Herpes on tongue symptoms usually appear after three weeks from the exposure to the virus and the most common are skin lesions or rash with yellow fluid that appear on tongue, or on the area around the tongue. The skin lesions usually stay for about ten days and disappear after a proper treatment. Mouth ulcers are in the form of blisters or cold sores, and after some time they burst and dry up.

Herpes on tongue may be mild or severe and the symptoms of this condition depend of the severity of the infection. The person with herpes on his/her tongue may have just mild tingling sores or reddish and painful blisters. Moreover, the flu accompanied with chills, fever and headaches occurs in the majority of cases. It is recommended to immediately start treating of the herpes on tongue. Since, it is contagious and infectious, the infection tends to spread toward the eyes and can cause certain complications to the eyes and damage them.

Treatment of herpes on tongue

Most doctors prescribe anti-viral drugs to cure herpes on tongue. The most effective medicines for this condition are Acyclovir and Flamciclovir. Of herbs, many Herbalists recommend Prunella vulgaris and tea-tree oil.

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