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SoreTongue - Overview

Thereare probably very few people who had not had, at one time or another, some sortof a painful experience that included their tongue. However, for those who didhave it, it is important to know that soreness of the tongue and its increasedsensitiveness to things in most cases represents a sort of a symptom of acertain health condition. Fortunately, none of these conditions is that severeand they can be healed fairly easily. On the other hand, if a person’s tongue, whichis constantly causing pain and is too sensitive to temperature changes, it can bean indicator of a more serious condition.

MostFrequent Causes

Bites. Probably most common and most evident, but harmless culprit for tongue ache is a rather uncomplicated one, i.e. the accidental biting of one’stongue. Though not that severe in consequences, it can cause extremelyintensive pain since this can repeat after the initial bite. Once our tonguestarts to recover, the sores and aches are going to disappear on their own slowly.One of the effective methods to speed up the recovery a bit is to use amouth-rinsing solution.Smoking. This is another in line of culprits which are frequently blamed for the appearance ofsore spots on one’s tongue and which cause a lot of trouble to the person inquestion. Given its hazardous nature, what smoking does to the tongue is thatit diminishes tongue’s immunity, making it more sensitive and therefore moreeasily affected by hot-cold changes in the mouth caused by food or beverages.Another downfall is that, once its defense mechanisms are down due to effectsof smoking, our tongue becomes more prone to various oral infections andinflammations, and more vulnerable to numerous oral diseases that prayfrom the environment outside the mouth. So, one of the most beneficial thingsthat you can do for your tongue is tochange this unpleasant habit and give up on it, since this would bring back theinitial strength and resilience to the tongue, as well as to the rest of yourbody.Gumdiseases are another common culprit of tongue soreness and tongueinflammations and one of the most frequent culprits is gingivitis. Also, there is achance that canker sores (also tongue tumor) occur because of the bad mouthhygiene and oral health in general. The above-mentioned conditions are mostoften treated by means of antibiotics and various tests that aim atdetermining if the tumor’s character is severe one or not, and thus makingpossible the devising of a proper treatment therapy.

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