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Sore throat

There are several medical conditions that almost every human being has to suffer from at least once in life, and some of those are definitely common cold and sore throat. Sore throat belongs to the infections that appear in the upper respiratory tract, and they are usually induced either by bacteria or viruses. When one suffers from sore throat, not only the throat is irritated, by the mouth and nose as well, at least it is so in the majority of the cases.

Strep throat is the name for the bacterial infection of the tonsils, which leads to the painful swallowing. Since the tonsils are a part of the body’s immune system, they can be infected easily because they absorb the foreign bodies that enter via mouth and nose. Therefore, it can be concluded that the tonsillitis, which is the inflammation of the tonsils, may occur as a result of sore throat, strep throat, an allergy or sinusitis, and that the swollen tonsils may occur even when the sore throat is not present.

Causes of swollen tonsils with no sore throat

When one contracts some viral or bacterial infection after the contact with an infected person, it may be one of the causes of the swollen tonsils with no sore throat. Furthermore, common cold and the flu are usually responsible for the incidence of inflamed tonsils, particularly in children. On the other side, in adults, the swollen tonsils occur due to strep throat.

Sometimes, although very rarely, it happens that scarlet fever and diphtheria, as well as allergies to certain kinds of foods, may also cause the occurrence of swollen tonsils.

Symptoms of swollen tonsils with no sore throat

When one develops swollen tonsils and when he or she does not suffer from sore throat, several discomforts might be experienced then. The obvious symptom of this condition refers to swollen tonsils, which are visible and may be of white or yellow color. Furthermore, swollen tonsils with no sore throat may also cause bad breath, harshness of voice and throat redness, as well as difficulty while speaking and swallowing and swollen neck glands. Cough, fever, chills and muscle pain are also some of the signs of the swollen tonsils when the sore throat is not present.

Swollen tonsils may be treated by various methods. When the home remedies and medications are of no help, the doctors recommend a surgery during which the tonsils are removed.

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