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There is not a person in the world who has never suffered from a sore throat and a headache. Every person will experience these inconveniences a couple of times during his or her life. According to the experts, sore throat and a headache are two of the most common medical conditions that people complain about. There is not a person in the world that is immune to these two problems. It is not uncommon for the problems to occur at the same time. However, people need not worry too much because these health problems are minor and usually do not require any special treatment. People should know that there are lots of causes that might lead to these medical conditions.

Possible causes of sore throat and headache

According to the experts there are a lot of possible causes that may lead to sore throat and headache and some of the most common ones are smoking, airborne allergies, food allergies, viral infections, bacterial infections, continuous breathing through the mouth, tonsillitis, strep throat, influenza, fever, common cold and swine flu. Some of the other possible causes are sinus infections, adenoid disorders, bird or animal allergies, gingivitis, laryngitis, measles, mouth ulcers, mumps, respiratory infections, postnasal drip, throat cancer and even AIDS. There are cases when a headache accompanies the sore throat. For instance, in case of flu, fever and severe respiratory or sinus infections, the two almost always happen to a person. It is not uncommon for the lifestyle of a person to be the cause of the headaches and a sore throat. Depending on the cause, the headache may be quite severe or it may be a mild one.

Treatment for a sore throat and headache

People need not worry too much if they are affected by a sore throat and headache because there are various ways they can treat the problem. Gargling is considered to be the best possible treatment when a person is suffering from a sore throat. However, adding salt to the warm fluid is essential. A person should perform this action a couple of times during a day. Doctors also advise people with a sore throat to use throat lozenge. Cloves can be used as well if a person needs to cure a sore throat. Lots of people use holy basil leaves when they need to cure a sore throat. There are two ways a person can use them as a cure. Sleep is considered to be the best cure for a headache. Aspirin is also an option.

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