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Euthanasia is a process of ending a person's life through an assisted suicide. This step is usually taken once a patient is suffering and cannot be saved, making his/her journey towards the end less painful. However, euthanasia has been a matter of dispute for many years now. Some consider it a merciful, loving and caring decision while others beg to differ, describing euthanasia as an act of cruelty, selfishness and absence of compassion, ethics or all other humane characteristics. Politics, industry, religion, ethnic groups and many other social subdivisions, all have their own opinion on euthanasia.

Pros of Euthanasia

Sometimes, a patient can be terminally ill or in a state of unconsciousness, suffering. Then, people consider choosing euthanasia as a step towards relieving their loved ones from agony, allowing them to pass away with dignity. The whole process requires the consent of the family of the patient. However, a question arises, asking us whether a human being has the right to decide about the fate of a fellow human or not. Yet, euthanasia is usually brought out as the only step left, after all previous treatments and methods have failed to cure the suffering individual. People who believe in euthanasia as a humane act, support it.

Nevertheless, sorrow, guild, agony and pain may remain once the process is done and the family members are left behind to ponder upon their righteousness of their decision. Regardless, people who are pro euthanasia believe that this is the right step to take and that they have actually helped both themselves and their suffering family member.

Cons of Euthanasia

There is yet another side of the coin, being extremely judgmental and condemning, when concerned with euthanasia. Other part of the society believes that no man should take away the greatest gift of all people – the ability to live. They stand behind the attitude that human life is precious and should not be taken away, neither by oneself nor by his/her family. In fact, many families decide to end one's life due to the fact that he/she has become a burden for the others and this is quite selfish and merciless.

Religious groups usually believe that life is a gift from a deity and a mere mortal is not granted the power to take it away. Some sociologists, on the other hand, claim that this practice may teach future generations to appreciate human life less, using euthanasia for unnecessary purposes.

All in all, euthanasia remains a subject of quarrels and clashing attitudes. Those who believe in it can see the positive aspects of it, while those who equal euthanasia with murder can do nothing less than condemn the act and protest against it.

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