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Information on tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is a certain type of medical condition which isalso sometimes referred to as shooter’s elbow, or archer’s elbow. Thescientific name for this medical condition is lateral epicondylitis. Thiscondition is characterized by soreness and painful sensations which occur atthe lateral side of the elbow. It usually affects carpenters, gardeners,golfers, tennis players and all those who perform repetitive movements of theirarms and elbows. Some cases of this medical condition may also involvetenderness and painful arm movement. The extensor muscles which are located atthe lateral parts of the elbows experience a lot of stress if they areoverused. Prolonged overuse of these muscles may lead to their tearing and theoccurrence of the condition commonly known as tennis elbow. To this day, thereis no specific treatment for tennis elbow. Most treatment plans involve acombined use of steroid injections, cortisone injections and various differentforms of physical therapy. These methods may come in very handy when it comesto minimizing the unbearable pain of tennis elbow. Another method of treatmentwhich may be of great help for all those who suffer from tennis elbow is calledtennis elbow strap.

Tennis Elbow Strap

Tennis elbow strap is actually a wraparound support for theforearm and the elbow, which is designed to be fully adjustable. It is veryhelpful because it reduces the stress from the elbow and the muscles located atthe forearm. The strap is meant to be worn only for a limited amount of team,as complimentary measure of treatment. It can also be used for the treatment ofvarious other medical conditions such as sprains, strains, bursitis andtendinitis. It is commonly equipped with an adjustable clasp and an elasticsleeve. One can choose from many different types of tennis elbow strapsavailable on the market but they are all very convenient because they come in aone size fits all category. Most models are made from a certain type ofmaterial which is known as thermal neoprene. They are very comfortable to wearbecause this type of material is used. The most common types include cold therapy, heat retainer, siliconelastic and stretchable skin tennis elbow straps. One should pick the one which fits the armperfectly. The elbow always needs to be iced thoroughly for about 10 minutesbefore the tennis elbow strap gets removed.

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