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CPAP mask

There are certain conditions that make the process of breathing very difficult and that require some breathing aid, which is why for the conditions such as sleep apnea, heart disease and coronary artery disease, the CPAP mask is an ideal solution.

CPAP means continuous positive air pressure and it refers to the machine or device made of the mask and electronic assembly. There are CPAP masks that just cover the nose of the patient, but there are the CPAP masks that are put over the mouth and nose.

When one has problematic breathing due to the blocked airways, the CPAP mask puts the pressure to these airways and thus the air reaches the lungs easily. Many patients with sleep apnea have found relief from the symptoms of this ailment by means of CPAP, but there are also the patients who are not tolerant to wearing this mask and who cannot cope with some problems that the mask makes.CPAP mask problems

Discomfort in wearing the CPAP mask is the first problem that typically occurs in everyone since we are not used to breathe but with open nose and mouth. Furthermore, the masks are of different shapes and sizes and thus, every person finds the mask uncomfortable when it does not fit the face. For this reason, each person should choose the mask carefully with the aid of the technician who works at the place where the person gets the mask.

The skin irritation is another problem with CPAP masks and this irritation is common when one uses tight fitting masks. When the skin is irritated by the CPAP mask, it is desirable to change the mask or to use another of different size. Some people find pressure quite uncomfortable and for these people, there are so-called ramp CPAP masks, which automatically elevate the pressure when one is sleeping. When the masks cause claustrophobic feeling in the person wearing it, it is recommended that that person should try to wear it throughout the day as much as possible, since the claustrophobic feeling and the discomfort will gradually didapper.

Sometimes the masks may cause leaks, but is not a big problem and it is easily corrected with a chin strap.

Smoking and drinking, as well as the sleeping on the back, may lead to the occurrence of some problems related to the mask. It is recommended not to smoke or drink and to sleeps on the sides.

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