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Human Beings and Sleeping

We all know that sleeping is crucialfor our correct functioning. Yet many of us do not sleep enough forlonger periods of time, making themselves quite dysfunctional in thelong run. Namely, lack of sleep makes one drowsy and decreases his/herpower to concentrate and perform adequately at whatever he/she isdoing. Also, this deficiency makes a person quite irritable andnegative. Still, sleeping too much will have the same result. Youmust lead an active life and balance all the efforts you indulge inwith proper sleep which will recharge your batteries and make youwake up fresh and ready for whatever life has in store for you.

In general, sleeping is quite like acoma. It is a state where our motor functions are temporarily shutdown and we are more or less unconscious. However, sleeping can bereversed and you can be out of this process with an adequatestimulation. You need to sleep enough since when you do not, yourheart beats tend to be less harmonized, your body temperature islower, your human growth hormone production decreases and numerousother changes affect you, making you less prone to functioningcorrectly and being healthy.

How Much Sleep Do We Need?

Sleeping necessity gets shortened as weage. For example, when we are infants which are up to 3 months old,we need at least 18 hours a sleep daily. However, as we grow older,until we reach the third year of our life, this number of sleepinghours decreases to 14, with a necessary nap or several ones duringthe day.

Children from 3 to 5 years old, need toensure at least 12 hours of sleep. When you are old between 5 and 10,10 hours of sleep is optimal for your health and proper physicaldevelopment. During our adolescent period of live, 8 or 10 hours ofsleep will suffice.

Finally, when we reach our teenageyears or become adults, this number of necessary sleeping hoursreaches 8, with the exception that the elderly may manage fine withonly 6 hours of shuteye a night.

Since there are many people who areincapable of sleeping enough due to the fact that they suffer fromcertain sleeping disorders such as insomnia, anxiety and other, theyare to practice certain relaxation techniques and motivate their bodyto sleep. Sleeping depravity should not be ignored. Rather, it shouldbe taken care of as soon as possible.

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