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Sleep and Beauty

Connection between sleep and beauty hasbeen present in human perception since time immemorial. We all canrecognize lack of sleep on someone's face. Sleep deprivationinfluences your overall well being in a negative way. While peoplewho sleep enough have healthier hair and skin, as well as numerousother positive traits, those who do not, suffer the consequences.Although physical effects may be concealed with makeup, mentaleffects of sleep deprivation remain present regardless. Therefore,provide yourself with sufficient sleep and enjoy all the benefitsthis action may bring, regenerating you each night anew.

When Should We Go to Sleep?

Ideally, in order to achieve a fullnight's regeneration, we should go to sleep at 8 pm and wake up at5am, when the process is over. This is due to the fact that our bodyhydrates and gets to an adequate sleeping mood from 8 pm to 11 pm.Then, we enter a regeneration and nutrition phase from 11pm up to3am, completing our successful sleeping experience with the restingphase from 3am to 5am. However, rarely ever does a person sleep thisway. Therefore, it is best to go to bed somewhere between 11pm andmidnight. If we fall asleep after 1am, our sleep will not be asfunctional as that before midnight can be. Moreover, if we spendinsufficient time sleeping, combined with the previous fact, we willbe tired, unable to think straight and feel stressed out. Our skin and haircells will not be regenerated, and this will be clearly visible.

The same goes for skin regenerationcreams. These are practically useless if you do not get sufficientsleep. Although these do offer our skin valuable nutrients, it willnot be able to absorb them unless a person is sleeping enough.

Ideal Sleeping Conditions

First of all, it is best to sleep onyour back. This provides good blood flow to our face, reducingwrinkles and marks which appear due to the continuous pressure weapply when we sleep on a certain part of our face for a longer periodof time. As we grow older, our skin gets less and less elastic.Therefore, it is best not to put so much stress on it during thenight.

Additionally, make sure you go thesleep during the adequate hours. Keep your sleeping quarters dark andrich with fresh air, and your mattresses clean. Finally, avoidcoffee, teas, and chocolate before going to bed. Rather, have a nicecup of warm milk, and a relaxing bath.

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