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What is there to know about the bumps over the skin?

Having numerous, red, protuberant, small and the bumps that itch over the skin is a very frequent skin problem, and as such it can be associated with a lot of the possible causes and can figure as very general and common indicator of some underlying health problem. However, it can be emphasized that the appearing of these blemishes is most commonly due to the rashes of the skin or to some allergic response.

The most common causes

In the latter mentioned cases, the symptom of the little red formations that cover the skin is as frequent and prominent as the sneezing and it is the result of the auto-immune reaction of the body to some environmental provoker (e.g. pollen or the domestic dust). Nevertheless, there are a lot of the cases when the allergic response is triggered by the sting or the bite from some insect, and, besides the itchy bumps, some more severe, aggravated and life-threatening symptoms appear. But, even when this is not the case, along with the sting, the insects inject some toxins that trigger the irritation and the response of the organism that usually results in the described bumps, besides the other following symptoms.

However, considering the bumps as the indicators of some disease, their most important role is in reaching the diagnosis in the case of the measles. This condition is caused by the virus, and it is rather acute and progressive disease, especially when the bumps themselves are observed. The really itchy protuberant spots quickly extend from the facial skin over the rest of the body. Also, by carefully inspecting the bumps, it could be determined whether there is the case of the chicken pox or not. In the first stages, they resemble the blemishes from the insect stings, but, in the advanced stages, the crusts cover them.

Also, the bumps can be the indicator of the rash caused by a virus (which is the case of the condition called Shingles), or of the permanent condition of the skin, called Dermatitis herpetiformis (in that case, the bumps contain the pus).

When it comes to the treatment, the most efficient is the one that is focused on dealing the problem by treating precisely the provoker and not only the consequence of it, which would be the treatment of the underlying the disease itself and not the one only focused on providing the relief from the itch felt over the skin. Of course, it is important to maintain the god hygiene, so that the bumps couldn’t even appear at the first place or thus they could be significantly alleviated at the very beginning of the outbreak.

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