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Our short-term memory gives us the ability to remember things for about 20 seconds. These pieces of information are temporarily stored in our memory only to be used instantly. However, if it is proven that we need this information for future use and application, we move it into our long-term memory, storing it there. If the situation is different, once we use it, we erase it from our memory and forget about it completely. Loss of short-term memory ability is the first sign of many mental illnesses. Therefore, one's lack of this ability should not be taken lightly.

Reasons behind Short-term Memory Loss

Most commonly, when the elderly are in question, Alzheimer's disease or dementia are the main causes of this condition. However, for others, there might be other underlying causes of this memory issue.

Sometimes, depression and anxiety can make it hard for one to concentrate, thereby losing the ability of acquiring information this way. Low blood sugar has the same effect upon people. Sometimes, hormonal imbalances during puberty, menopause and similar conditions may lead to short-term memory loss as well. Next, a direct trauma to the head and the brain, or brain cell destruction through alcohol consumption and drug abuse all add on to this list. Lead poisoning can also be a possible cause, since it can interfere with out mental well-being, resulting in the onset short-term memory loss.

Possible Treatments for Short-term Memory Loss

The best treatment is prevention. Thus, the elderly are advised to keep their brain busy by socializing with other people and solving crossword puzzles and other games which activate their brain cells, preventing any mental problems.

As far as herbal supplements for the increase on one's mental functions are concerned, you might try using ginkgo biloba extract and secure a diet full of antioxidants. Also, you are advised to eat healthy, providing your brain vitamins, minerals, proteins and other crucial nutrients, securing its adequate functioning. Moreover, if the cause of your short-term memory loss lies in some kind of an underlying condition, you may need medical treatment, for your full memory capacity to return. This goes for illnesses and deficiencies. Finally, make sure you lead an active life, using your brain often and keeping it busy.

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