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Every woman knows that impurities on the facial skin can appear just before a period sometimes. Some women even notice zits before they start ovulating. Skin changes, and especially impurities, are also an early pregnancy symptom. Whether your skin is normally clear and perfect, or you get zits from time to time anyway, persistent impurities can give you that extra clue that it might be time to take a pregnancy test.

If you suddenly find yourself looking like you are back in high school, and are wondering whether you should be investing in some good skin purifying products, it could be a pregnancy test that you need instead. Of course, hormonal changes are the culprit. A surge in progesterone can cause break outs on your face, but also on other parts of your body, especially your shoulders and back. Besides pimples, pregnancy can also cause your skin to become itchy and irritated, and oily or shiny. Around half of all pregnant women will notice a so-called "pregnancy mask" darker facial skin that looks like you have been in tanning too long, sun-glasses included.

Is there anything you can do about skin problems during pregnancy?

Many women find that facial impurities go away as soon as the first trimester is over. Not everybody gets that famous pregnancy glow that cosmetic companies would like to bottle and sell, but as your body gets used to the fact that you are pregnant, your skin should at least calm down a bit. Drinking plenty of fluids can help to cure pregnancy acne, and you should be making sure that you are eating a healthy and balanced diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables in any case, while you are expecting.

Using aggressive skin products is not advisable for pregnant women. Some of these are not safe for the fetus, and they are unlikely to be helpful anyway. Washing your skin with a gentle, natural soap and limiting your make-up could have some effect. The good news is that your skin will certainly return to normal once you give birth. And, because you are unlikely to start menstruating again right away, you could have the most beautiful skin in those early months of your baby's life. If you are looking for other pregnancy signs, be sure to check our full list!

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