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When you were trying to conceive, you came across numerous images of "glowing pregnant women" and celebrities with a baby bump, looking better than ever before. Now that you are pregnant, you wonder why your skin has gone the opposite way and instead of being positive glowing, your skin is breaking out. Pregnancy acne is quite a frequent occurrence. Try to remember that the images you looked at were probably photoshopped. And read on if you want to know what you can do to try and cure pregnancy acne.

Acne in pregnancy is a hormonal thing. If you were already prone to acne, expecting a baby means expecting break-outs. But even those women who had a completely clear skin before pregnancy are not unlikely to experience acne once they are knocked up. Why? Higher levels of hormones called androgens boost sebum production on your facial skin, and can cause your pores to get clogged up. This in turn leads to acne. The worst thing is that pregnancy acne can strike at any time during your nine months unlike morning sickness or pregnancy fatigue, skin break-outs are not generally limited to only one trimester. But there are steps you can undertake to try and keep your acne to a minimum, and even cure it altogether.

Make sure that you use all-natural facial products. Oil-based moisturizers are a bad idea. Certain brands of make-up can aggravate the problem, so if you suspect that your foundation is contributing to your acne, rather than just hiding it as it should, try neutrogena or a health foods store brand. And don't squeeze! I know it is tempting, but don't do it! Of course, your doctor does have anti-acne creams available, but I would caution against using those while you are expecting, because they contain an awful lot of things that I would not want anywhere near my unborn baby. Whoever knew that expecting a baby would make you feel like a shy teenager all over again? On the upside, after giving birth, many women get a long break from having menstrual periods, and your skin is likely to look wonderful.

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