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Thirteen thousand years ago, according to some people, a group of gigantic guardian angels, called Seraphs created cosmology and the universe we live in, along with certain rules which enable us, human beings to live happily and productively. They made a blueprint of the whole system we exist in.

Later on priests and ecclesiastics of Atlantis made the structure and early Hebrew people standardized energies, forming Kabbalah, the paranormal world of Judaism.

The Eleven Energies

According to the Seraphim blueprint, this world contains eleven different sources of energies which, when combined, make one's life significantly better. It is thought that a Seraphim revisited this world in 1994, granting us the necessary energy, distributed through six workshops built on top of one another.

The Secret behind Seraphim Blueprint

The first level of the blueprint involves healing of mental and physical problems through psychic readings and special treatment. Through the first two energies, a victim is transferred into a sense of abstraction, imagination and mammoth control upon the internal union. This process, in return, leads to a stronger immune system developed within the sufferer.

The second level presents the Seraphim sacred geometry which betters one's progress in this world by increasing the speed of advancing and binding his/her actions in natural life. This helps you surpass your karmic limitations and progress forward without obstructions.

The third level is Seraphim manifestation. This psychic blueprint assists us in our search for personal goals and their achievement, directing our desires and directions. Our soul is complete once we are determined and full of intents. Once this balance is present, we can do whatever we plan.

Next comes Seraphim cosmic splendor, boosting the strength of your body, allowing you the power of withstanding natural and supernatural endeavors which may allow you healing and psychic advancement.

Seraphim planetary healing stands for level five, granting us the power to establish contact with supernatural beings, entering the world of mysticism, harmonization and balance, guided by the forces which surpass the physical realms of existence.

The final level is Seraphim grace and blessing, which avaits once you have managed to pass through all the other steps, becoming a perfect member of the human society. Here, you are allowed to experience the beauty of the supernatural world as well as the natural one, mastering the secrets hidden within the psychic blueprints.

This world holds many mysteries and, if we are open to all the possible interpretations and can rise above the common beliefs, divine and happy life may await us once we cross the thresholds of the supernatural.

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