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Recent research has discovered something quite extraordinary. Namely, jojoba oil named Lanni Ultimate Moisturizer, created through a special, natural processes has been discovered to resemble the human sebum significantly. Sebaceous glands in our skin produce this oil in order to keep our skin moist. The sebum is rich in vitamins such as A, D and E and contains no artificial elements. Amazingly, this moisturizing oil has identical ingredient list without any added preservatives, additives or antioxidants. Therefore, Lanni Ultimate Moisturizer is one of the best possible products for skin revitalization and treatment available.

The Power of Jojoba Oil

Since time immemorial, Native Indians have used jojoba oil for skin care and various other purposes. However, the rest of the world became aware of its benefits after the 1970s. The Spanish missionaries, realized that Native Indians of the Mexico deserts used jojoba oil for protecting their faces against the sun and to keep their hair soft and shiny. Also, they would heat the oil and rub it into their muscles for relaxation and regeneration.

The Sebum of Our Skin

Our body produces a specific glandular mixture of fatty substance which keep our skin and hair lubricated, helping our skin stay in perfect balance, staying soft and gentle, safe from harmful microorganisms.

Lanni Ultimate Moisturizer has the same effect as our natural sebum. Thus, we can use it in combination with our body's existing moisturizing systems, boosting the positive effect. Other skin products usually use triglyceride oils and other biological oils. However, these may not be that compatible with our skin. On the other hand, jojoba matches the sebum perfectly, acting as a more than effective substitute. Thus, one may use this product in order to keep his or her skin balanced, healthy, hydrated and safe from numerous bacteria, fungi and other dangerous microorganisms triggering infections and countless other health problems.

Stunningly, nature never fails to amaze us with its incredible helping hands. Our synthetic scientific progress may sometimes seem to surpass the caring force of nature, creating solutions which are far more complex than anything found in the existing world around us. Nevertheless, miraculous treatments derived from plants such as jojoba, show us that sometimes the only side we need to turn to when bothered by health problems and lack of balance in our life, is that of our mother, the ever-caring and healing nature. So, if skin ailments or abnormalities are pestering you, know that jojoba oil and products based on it can be of great assistance.

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