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Inability to takecontrol

In a situation inwhich a person in question is not able to take control ofhis/her anger, fear, anxiety, panic, or when a person does not hold the power to do so, it is said that the person in question hasbeen befallen by a psychic attack. But this is, unfortunately, not the end ofit all. Once under psychic attack and in case of their lengthier duration, aperson in question can quite easily fall under the influence of such manifestationsand side effects which are so severe that can induce insomnia, and influence aperson’s overall health in a manner most endangering. Also, in specificsituations, a person cannot be unaffected by such psychic outbursts for he/sheis not in a position to put up any resistance for some reason; for example, out of fear ofgetting sacked by his/her superior or boss.

Put up a sturdydefense-wall

Fortunately for us, there exist certain techniques that can aid a person cope more easily with suchobtrusive outbursts and decrease their negative influences and effects, sotheir lives do not get affected more than necessary.

The big cleaning – a person can alwayscontinue to work on his/her aura by cleaning, polishing and strengthening itconstantly. This is important due to the simple fact that once a person forms amighty psychic auric shield, there is almost nothing that can upset that person,or put him/her out of balance. Namely, what this shield enables a person is tomirror and reflect all those upsetting and unwanted effects that are aimedtowards the person in question by some other inconsiderate person, prior tothem even getting close to one’s mental and emotional auric level. By achievingthis, one is more likely to remain superbly focused at all times, and able to come up with the most proper solutions to the ongoing problems on thespot.Exercising – embodied in specificsmall but nevertheless, extremely effective exercises, represents yet anothermethod that facilitates and initiates the closure and isolation of one’s aurafrom the ill effects that come from the immediate environment a person inquestion is a part of. Once a person makes a firm decision to shut his/her auracompletely, he/she will that very same moment become more rational and capableof comprehending the entire problematic situation much better, thus being able not only to cope with it more properly, but also to find those desired long-termand most effective solutions.

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