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SinusPressure Relief

Thereare two main ways to relieve sinus pressure. The first is tounderstand what causes sinus pressure and to eliminate those. Thismeans that the sinus pressure symptoms will directly be relieved. Theother way is to take care of the symptoms with medicine and naturalremedies. This is less practical than the first method because, sincethe causes have not been eliminated, the symptoms will return andcontinue for a long time. Some remedies or medications only providetemporary relief from the symptoms of sinus pressure.

Sinuspressure is the result of mucus building up in the sinus cavity. Thishappens when the mucus cannot drain properly, such as when theapertures at the ends of the sinuses are blocked by engorgedmembranes inside the sinuses, or when mucus is produced far tooquickly for the drainage to handle. This build-up quickly createspressure and pain within the sinus. Sinus infections can cause themembranes within the sinus to inflame and enlarge.

Thereare many other factors that can cause the sinuses to becomeirritated, thereby producing far too much mucus. Diseases such asinfluenza, colds and fevers can all do this, as well as allergiessuch as hay fever that directly affect the sinus system. Smokingaffects the body's immune system and wears down the sinus, causing itto become irritated. Airborne particles such as smoke,smog, pollen and chemicals will tend to irritate the sensitive tissuewithin the sinuses. Dust or hair in the house can cause allergicreactions or simply excessive sneezing, leading to sinus irritation.Certain foods also stimulate the mucus production which results in anoversupply of mucus, causing a blockage. Any of these factors cantrigger a severe irritation of the sinus membrane and more than oneat the same time will naturally increase the risk proportionally.Knowing which of these factors will be the most detrimental to oneparticular person will help them determine the specific culprits fortheir sinus irritation.

Smokingis one of the main causes for poor health, including vulnerability tosinus infections.

Stepsto Relieve Sinus Pressure

Drinkingplenty of water each day is always a healthy activity and itdefinitely helps the body fight off sinus infections too. Trying tokeep the sinuses clear by blowing the nose to remove any excess mucusis advised. Certain medications, such as nasal sprays, can certainlybe effective in reducing mucus production. If the air in the house istoo dry, use a humidifier to equalise the humidity and allow for freebreathing. Non-prescribed antibiotics will usually not help.

Continuedsuffering from sinus pressure is a cause to see a doctor. They will beable to advise courses of action to relieve the symptoms and willprescribe appropriate medication.

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