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Sinus infections are painful and frustrating and they affect many people, which is why it is good to know that there are home remedies that can cure them or at least alleviate them in no time.

What are sinus infections?

A sinus infection means that there is an inflammation or an infectious process going on inside the sinuses. It affects the walls of the sinuses, making them swollen and thicker, which prevents normal flow of air and normal drainage of mucus. When the fluids are stuck inside the swollen sinuses, they make a favorable breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and other harmful agents, which results in an infection.

Sinus infections often follow viral or bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract. They can also result from a seasonal allergy. When they occur, they cause symptoms like pain, pressure in the face, below and above the eyes, on the forehead and around the nose, sometimes with low grade fever, postnasal drip and heavy secretions from the nose.

Home remedies for sinus infections

The number one factor in solving the problem with sinus infections is to drink plenty of fluids. Fluids, hot or cold, will make the mucus thinner so it can be eliminated and the sinuses will be clear again.

The same effect can be achieved with the use of humidifiers or vaporizers. In addition, they will protect the sinus walls from drying up and from consequent irritation. The air in the rooms should be damp, which can be achieved with electric devices - humidifiers or vaporizers, and it is also a good idea to inhale vapors from a large bowl of hot water. Hot showers, baths and sauna also help.

The pain associated with sinusitis can be relieved by using hot compresses. They will also unclog the nasal passages.

There are certain things that should be avoided until the infection clears. They include smoking and inhaling other people’s cigarette smoke, as well as alcohol consumption. All these factors are known for drying and irritating the sinuses.

Saline solution nasal sprays and over-the-counter decongestants can be used several times a day. Decongestants probably work faster but those who want to use only natural solutions should stick to the saline nasal sprays.

Sinus irrigation devices, such as the neti pot, can be used daily to clear the sinuses. These devices are available in most drugstores and they are ideal for those who often suffer from sinus infections.

Hot tea, herbal supplements and multivitamins should be taken to boost the immune system and help the body to get rid if the infection.

If the pain is very intense, over-the-counter analgesics should be taken.

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