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Information on Post Nasal Drip

Post nasal drip is a medical condition characterized by an annoying sensation of cough or mucus dripping from the back of the throat. The condition may also lead to constant swallowing, constant spitting, vomiting, nausea, persistent cough, bad breath, chronic sore throat and nasal congestion. The production of mucus is a certain type of self defense mechanism and it is quite beneficial because it prevents the occurrence of bacterial and viral types of infections. Mucus is also responsible for keeping the nasal passages clean from all various sorts of foreign particles. Excessive production of mucus leads to the dripping sensation in the back of the throat. Nasal glands are the organs which are responsible for the production of mucus.

Causes of Chronic Post Nasal Drip

There are numerous different types of causes of the medical condition we refer to as the chronic post nasal drop. The most common ones include viral influenza, common cold and different types of allergens such as bacteria, mold, pollen and dust. These factors trigger a drip which is easy to cure, but chronic instances of this medical condition may be related to certain other conditions. The first such condition is known as nasal septum deviation. Septum is the bony cartilage in the nose which is responsible for dividing it into two nostrils. When the top of its cartilaginous ridge gets deviated or deformed to the left side or right side it may cause obstructions. Sinus infections may also be associated with the occurrence of chronic post nasal drip. These medical conditions are actually inflammatory conditions which affect the sinuses and nasal membranes. They are known for causing very severe breathing difficulties. Numerous different types of allergies to weeds, grasses and trees may be associated with chronic post nasal drip, especially in children. Pregnancy and birth control pills can also be associated with chronic post nasal drip in some cases. There are also numerous different types of medications which can also be held responsible for the occurrence of the chronic post nasal drip.

Chronic Post Nasal Drip Treatments

One needs to seek immediate medical attention in order to avoid numerous other health complications. The cause defines the proper treatment method. Antihistamines are commonly used only to relieve the symptoms of the condition. Decongestant sprays and antifungal medications are also often used. Some rare cases may require surgery. Proper hydration and a well balanced diet are also highly recommended.

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