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What Is a Nervous Breakdown?

As the name itself suggests, a nervous breakdown is a state of being overwhelmed with stress, anxiety and nervousness in general, where you cannot seem to take it anymore. People who reach the point of a nervous breakdown may freeze for a moment, start shaking or fall into a similar state of shock, crying, sobbing and losing control completely. This happens due to an overload in our nervous system, when we simply cannot take any further amounts of stress, pressure and negativity in our life. By origin, a nervous breakdown is something of a mental disorder. It can be caused by outside factors, many other, underlying conditions, or some other things. All in all, you should know how to recognize certain symptoms and characteristics of a soon-to-happen nervous breakdown in order to react and possibly stop it.

Facts about Nervous Breakdowns

Nervous breakdowns are usually caused by some strikingly negative situations like death of a friend or a family member, problems at work or in relationships etc. Depressed people are prone to this phenomenon too. Once a nervous breakdown strikes a person, he/she cannot move, usually starts crying hysterically, and does not react to the outer world anymore. Loss of self confidence and self-esteem is noticed as well. Moreover, people undergoing these mental overloads tend to be confused, uncontrollable and disoriented.

As for other symptoms, loss of sleep and other sleeping problems are quite common when a nervous breakdown is about to strike. People may not be able to sleep, being troubled by their problems and frustrations. This, of course, will have an effect on their daily functioning, leading them to amnesia, depression or even delirium. Also, quite often, people about to have a nervous breakdown tend to develop a strong narcissistic behavior.

Causes and Treatment

Beside the above mentioned causes involving many personal and emotional problems, some other factors may cause this condition to happen as well. Namely, stress is always a possible culprit, along with drug and alcohol abuse. Additionally, if there has been a proneness to nervous breakdowns in your family, you are likely to suffer from these too. People, who suffer with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, tend to have nervous breakdowns as one of many symptoms.

All people who experience these mental breakdowns often should seek medical assistance. After being examined, they will be prescribed certain kinds of antidepressant or other medication, helping them cope with their problems and frustrations better. Psychotherapy, relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation, or simply running away on a relaxing vacation, all can present possible alternative solutions for avoiding nervous breakdowns.

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